Moonstone (Town)

Description: Among the emerald rolling hills and the jutting cypress trees is Moonstone Town. Most buildings in town are made of sandy colored stone with the more prominent buildings with detailed facades and columns. The main part of the town overlooks a small lake with a arch shaped rock in the middle of it. In the center and raised above it is a Fortress that watches over the town. Just outside the town is an almost dreamlike obsidian tower. It stands on a prism shapped tri-pod like lower half, with seven asymmetrical spires jutting away from it. In the center of it is an perfect pearl colored sphere.

History: A small community outside the direct control of the City state of Phivos, it grew to moderate power with the discovery of precious stones. It is the east most settlement in the Straelands and closes to the Erdurian Gullet. It acts as last stop before entering the desert.

Leadership: Moonstone is lead by a council of town elders and lead by an Alderman that has been elected from within the group.

Authority: Moonstone defense is lead by the Captain of the guard and a sheriff that patrols the city as well as the surrounding country side.

Moonstone (Town)

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